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Benefits of Working With Us

Performance Recruiters, LLC. has an established network of DFW companies, that we provide executive search and recruitingservices. All our time and resources are focused on IT Infrastructure and Security positions. Due to our focus and years of experience, we consider ourselves experts in this discipline. Most of what we do is direct hire.

What to Expect

All of our activities with you will be handled honestly and with the utmost of confidentiality.
We make sure to understand what is important to you and your career.

Your resume will never be submitted nor divulged to anyone unless we have your authorization.

Your resume will be carefully reviewed and, if necessary, restructured if we feel it will represent your qualifications better. We will make sure that the relevant skills you possess are visible to increase the chance of an interview.
We will meet with you in person to review the job description, provide information on the company and prepare you for the interview.
We work directly with the hiring authority to discuss your resume and point out attributes that qualify you for their position.
We will provide prompt feedback from the client after the interview.
We will negotiate effectively to achieve the compensation you are seeking.

Candidate Testimonials

“Ron Ritchey is the consummate professional and really brings the recruiting of key executive resources to a new level. Ron is very meticulous in finding the right situation that best match a candidates skill set and experience. I was very pleased with the experience that I encountered working with Ron on my latest job opportunity. Ron’s contacts are amazing. As part of his process, he was able to secure an interview directly with Ross Perot, Sr. I would fully recommend Ron to anyone looking to expand their executive job search.”

Jodie D. Robinson, Director
Network & Data Center Services
Placed at Perot Systems Corporation

“I have known and worked with Ron for several years.  He contacted me about an excellent opportunity with an excellent company that he felt would be a great fit for me.   As always Ron was very knowledgeable about the position, company and the qualifications that the hiring manager was seeking in this position.    It was a comfort knowing how much insight Ron had on the position, the hiring company and the hiring manager.  I echo what all Ron's candidates communicate “ It is Ron's reputation and experience  that were instrumental in helping me get the interview and eventually that dream job,  he so effectively highlighted when presenting me this opportunity."    I highly recommend Ron and welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future!

David Kauffman
Senior Manager Infrastructure Technologies
Placed at Aviall Corporation (A Boeing Company)

"I have known Ron for several years and when he was presented with an opportunity that he felt would be a good fit for me, he called me to discuss the position. We met in person and Ron was very knowledgeable about the company and the duties of the job, which gave me the comfort level that I needed in order to pursue a change. He remained engaged throughout my interview process and provided encouragement and positive feedback through phone calls and email. I believe that Ron's reputation and experience were instrumental in helping me to get the interview and eventually the job. It was a pleasure to work with someone as committed and sincere as Ron. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future and recommend him highly."
Kaye Williams,
Wintel Manager,
Perot Systems Corporation
“Ron, I just wanted to say, that you are top notch at what you do. Now I understand all those trophies in your office. I want to say that I greatly appreciate all that you've done for me in securing the new opportunity at Fidelity. Thanks again.”

George Clive
Hardware Systems Planner
Placed at Fidelity Investments

"I have worked with Ron Ritchey for over 10 years in various recruiting and placement opportunities. From the staffing perspective, he has a network of solid candidates and responds only with well qualified candidates, which match the opportunity. All of the resources that I have hired from Ron always exceeded my expectations. Recently, I partnered with Performance Recruiters in an opportunity for myself. Again, Ron networked directly with the hiring manager. In just a short time, he matched me with a solid employer in the DFW area."
Larry Pennington,
Database Manager,
Perot Systems, Inc.
"I am very happy to share my experience that I had working with Ron because it was great, and I feel like I really hit a home run with my new position! From the first meeting that I had with Ron Ritchey, he immediately separated himself from other recruiters that I have worked with in the past. Ron understands how IT Infrastructure works and the skills that are necessary at each position which clearly separates him from other recruiters. Ron also provided me with a clear picture of each position that he presented to me. This was the most important point that made the job-hunting experience enjoyable working with Ron personally. Any software program can match skill sets, but it is a real art to match job functions to a person's skill set. Through the entire process Ron communicated all company feedback honestly, timely and made sure that my interest in the company's position was the fit that I was looking for. My job-hunting experience was very positive, and I recommend Performance Recruiters, Inc. to any IT professionals looking for a new position. If I ever need to look for another position Performance Recruiters, Inc. will be the only person that I call."
David Duncan,
Storage Administrator,
XTO Energy, Inc.
"Ron Ritchey is a top-notch recruiter. In working with Ron, I found him to be open, candid, and thorough. His knowledge of the company and position was detailed, and he provided me with the insight and knowledge I needed to effectively interview and make decisions. Ron was in constant communication with me and the company. His follow through was efficient. He represented my interests and the interests of the company in balance for a win-win outcome. I have recommended Ron to several of my colleagues, and I would recommend Ron to anyone seeking a job, or to anyone seeking qualified candidates to fill a position."
William Farmer,
Director, Experian Corporation
"Ron Ritchey is by far the best recruiter I have worked with in my 20 years in the IT industry. He is professional, honest, and is truly interested in finding the correct fit for both the company and the individual. I was very impressed with the way he balanced my personal interests and the interests of his client (now my employer). Finding that balance is a skill that most recruiters have not learned. In my job search, he knew the client and their environment very well, and was very knowledgeable about the duties of the position. He stayed in constant communication throughout the process and was prompt in returning calls and answering any questions that came up. My job search resulted in a successful result, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Hopefully, I won’t need Ron’s services for quite some time, but if I do find myself in that position, the first phone call I make will be to Ron. Whether you are an individual looking for a job, or a company looking to fill a position, I highly recommend that you give Ron the opportunity to assist you. I can guarantee that you will be happy with the service you receive."
Paul Anderson,
EDI Specialist,
Levi Strauss & Company
"Ron placed me in my current position. He was well informed with the position, the environment and the overall opportunity. He did a very good job at communicating expectations of the position. He did a good job of keeping communications open and flowing with both myself and my employer. I am currently recommending Ron to some of my friends that are now looking for new opportunities."
Gary Samek,
Capacity Planner,
Perot Systems Corporation
"I am taking the time to express my gratitude for your expert representation. Beyond just assessment of my skills and experience with respect to current openings, you took the time to accurately weigh their various prevailing corporate cultures, climate, and stability. When a mutual fit had been found, you negotiated on my behalf and managed to secure an excellent total compensation package for me. Six months down the line both the company and the people are exactly as you represented them. I am enjoying the job immensely. After your expert representation of me from the employee perspective, your experience and contacts here in the metroplex came through for us on the employer side of the table. Integrity, quality, and delivery are clearly your hallmarks. I can (and have) recommend you to my IT peers and business acquaintances without hesitation or reservation."
Gregory B. King,
Infrastructure Manager,
Aviall Corporation
"Ron Ritchey was a total pleasure to work with when I was searching for my career advancing position. He kept in touch daily on the position, even met me near the DFW airport after I flew in for my interview to put a final touch on things, He very much represented the opportunity to me in a clear, factual and representative format. Ron managed the client relationship of my potential employer in a very professional, up front and forthright manner, while all the time looking out for my best interests to what I was seeking for my next position. Ron is very credible, represented me in an honest and fair fashion and provided an outstanding service to me. I accepted the job and moved to Dallas, Ron and I have kept in contact since then, and have not looked back since. In the future if and when I look for another opportunity, Ron will be the first person that I call."
Robert Sutton,
IT Security Architect,
Perot Systems Corporation
“I am very appreciative of the services provided by Ron Ritchey and Performance Recruiters during my recent job search.  They were able to match my skill set with potential job opportunities and present the best options.  Once an opportunity presented itself, Ron remained in constant contact with myself and the potential employer to keep the process moving along in a timely manner With all the effort that Ron put into the process, it helped lead to successful outcome to my job search. I appreciate all his efforts.

Jonathan Travis,
Invitation Homes